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Track your expenses

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Why our customers love Trackeet

“The Trackeet mobile app has greatly helped me manage my finances and keep track of all my expenses. With Trackeet, I am better with my finances. ”
Tony U
Manager @ Howarts
“Since I discovered Trackeet, running my business has become more seamless than I could imagine.”
Tolu A
Manager @ Slytherin
“I recommend Trackeet for every individual and business owner. Life is easier here.”
Obinna V
Leader @ Gryffindor

We have become a part of the communities which we serve.

Trackeet has partnered with MoniePoint to provide payment services to the local businesses. This in return qualifies some of these businesses for loan and overdraft facilities. 

Trackeet is integrated with the FIRS to help provide real-time monitoring of VAT collections. Only users that have signed up with FIRS for this service will have access to the integration.

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